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BY Jeffrey January 5, 2023

Nothing says “Make yourself at home” quite like a cozy and comfortable place to kick back and relax. And of all the ways to fill your living space, seating is one of the most important. In helping you achieve this, sectionals can play a role in giving your rooms that perfect welcoming ambiance. Their multiple shapes, sizes, and simplicity make them the perfect choice when furnishing your home. Here is a list of pros and cons to help you choose whether or not a sectional is the right fit for you.



One of the biggest reasons people choose sectionals over a sofa or loveseat is simply because you can arrange sectionals however and whenever you want. The smaller, module pieces allow you to change up your layout on the fly. A single long seating area, a right angle hugging a wall, or even a circle is possible with sectionals. This type of furniture is unique in allowing you to make your living space look just how you want it to. 

Setup/Take Down

If you’re familiar with the frustrations of trying to fit a full-sized sofa through doors or down staircases, you should also be away of how easy sectionals make this whole process. Most pieces in a sectional can all be broken down into a top/bottom half, making setup or take down easy and quick. This is especially useful if you move often or need to put a few pieces into storage. 


When you purchase a conventional sofa, you’re typically buying a single size. You’re then stuck with that size until you upgrade or replace the couch. A neat perk of owning a sectional, on the other hand, is being able to adjust the size when you purchase the unit or even after you bring it home.


We’ve already touched on this a bit already, but we can’t say it enough: sectionals are a perfect match for all your home décor dreams. They can be moved on a whim to clear space for large gatherings, put together to make a bed for over-night guests, and even turned into fun theater-style seating for your favorite movies. 


If you’re sensing a theme here, you’d be right. And the seating options sectionals provide are no different: you can design your seating layout however you’d like. Whether it’s a big crowd, your family, or just you, you can layout a sectional exactly how you want it. Unlike sofas, which need to be moved as a unit, sectionals can be mixed and matched in near-endless ways to give you a household feel that’s your own unique style.



Sectionals can be expensive. Multiple, fully-furnished pieces of a sofa typically cost more than one singular unit. Even the basic sets can be more pricey than a conventional sofa. The good news is the more pieces you add to your unit, the cheaper those pieces get. So while a basic unit may be more pricey than a similarly-sized sofa, a large sectional will be significantly cheaper than buying other seating furniture to fill that same space.


Weirdly enough, sectionals can be a pain to transport. Even though each piece can be easily broken down, this means you essentially have double the pieces you need to pack. When you’re looking to transport a large sectional with 7,8, or even more pieces, all these pieces can quickly fill up your moving truck or storage space. 

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