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BY Jeffrey April 5, 2023

There used to be a time when surround sound was a novelty. Old CRT TVs had built-in speakers that did a fine enough job on their own. As our TVs got thinner, though, those speakers got worse and worse, until buying a soundbar or surround sound system was almost a necessity. These days, home theater systems are affordable and provide a deeply immersive experience when diving into your favorite movies and shows. Here are a handful of tips to help you decide what type of home theater is best for your entertainment. 

The Size of Your Room Matters

Before you run out and buy the biggest, most powerful subwoofer you can find, it’s important to take the size of your room into account. If you’re watching in a smaller room, you can easily overload acoustics causing muddy, warped sound when viewing your favorite shows. Conversely, having a set that’s too small for a larger room won’t give you enough audio to enjoy your movies to their full extent. Many home theater sets will list what size of room they’re recommended for. Be sure to find a set that matches your room well. 

How Close Are You Sitting?

Another crucial piece of info to take into account is how close you’ll be to the TV. Similar to how big your room is, you don’t want a massive home theater system if you’re going to be 3 feet from your television. The idea of being drowned in sound can be enticing, but when your ears are ringing from simple dialogue, you’ll wish you had a smaller set. Again, this works hand in hand with how big your room is. Match the size of the set to the size of your room, and you should be good for how your seating is laid out is as well. 

Open Rooms vs. Closed Rooms

Acoustics play a huge role in how amazing your home theater system sounds. It’s vital that you pick a unit that works well with the layout of your loom. A larger, open entertainment room, for example, will need a slightly more powerful system to account for sound loss through open doors and hallways. On the other hand, a room that’s fully-enclosed will help accentuate your system’s audio, allowing you to experience a rich, robust sound with a compact unit.

Placement is Key

Where you place your speakers is one of, if not the most important thing to understand with your new home theater system. You could spend top dollar on the best system available and have it sound absolutely awful, simply because your placement is off.  Wherever you sit when watching your TV, you need to be the centerpiece for your speakers. If you’re watching a show and the sound seems off, there’s a good chance your speakers are situated incorrectly. For example, many people thing your subwoofer should be placed next to a wall or snuggled up to your tv. This can, in fact, cause a distorted, warbly sound that is unpleasant and can ruin your viewing experience. Try pulling out your sub a foot or so and you’ll immediately notice better sound. Use the same trial and error for your other speakers to get the best home theater experience.   

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